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Nigeria issues new travel document regulation


Culled from Realnews

By Kennedy Nnamani

THE Nigerian Embassy seated in Senegal has issued new travel document regulations to Nigerians in Senegal and Mauritania. This was disclosed in a memo issued to the public on August 8.

According to the Embassy, the Senegalese airport/border police/immigration officials no longer process persons entering Senegal using the old ECOWAS Travel Certificate.

Consequently, “the only acceptable travel documents are the National Passports, the ECOWAS biometric ID card, electronic ECOWAS travel certificate or any National ID card with biometric features.”

In the meantime, the Embassy noted that it is issuing Emergency Travel Certificates, ETC, to any Nigerian, who intends to travel out of Senegal and does not have the aforementioned acceptable documents.

It further urged Nigerians to adhere to the new regulations to avoid any embarrassment at the airport or border post