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Osun Osogbo: Gani Adams advocates promotion of Yoruba culture


Osun Osogbo: Gani Adams advocates promotion of Yoruba culture




By Adewale Owoade


The Aare Onakankafo of Yorubaland, Chief Gani Adams, has urged the promotion of Yoruba culture by it’s sons and daughters for unity and progress of the area.


Adams, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the grand finale of the Osun- festival, said that by promoting the Yoruba culture, there will be unity, and the race will move forward and be noticed in the global scene


He said that the Osun Osogbo festival was not about religion, but the culture of Yoruba land.



“When you refuse to promote your culture you will lose an identity, you will lose your history, and when you lose an identity and your history, you are going into extinction.



“Culture is very important, by promoting your culture, there will be a cohesion, there will be unity, by the time you have a cohesion and unity the race can move forward, and you can be noticed in the global scene.


“What we are doing here is not about religion, is about the cultural part of Yoruba land,” he said.


Adams, also spoke on the contamination of Osun River, said that activities of artisanal miners was worrisome.


He appealed to the government to put an end to the activities of miners to preserve the sanctity of the sacred grove.



” I want to appeal to the government to put a stop to the activities of the artisanal miners so as to protect our heritage.


” These artisanal miners are contaminating our heritage and this is dangerous, highly ridiculous and a threat to our tourism and cultural potential.


“I appeal to the government to stop these people who are contaminating the water, because a lot of people will drink from it unknowingly.


“I believe that by the power of Osun, anybody that drank the contaminated water will not be affected,  but will be useful for the purpose he or she prayed for,” Adams said. (NAN)