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NMA Enugu State pledges to raise volunteer health workers



By Flowerbudnews

Enugu: The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Enugu State says that the association will raise volunteer health workers to assist in manpower needs in the state.

The new Chairman of NMA Enugu State, Dr Celestine Ugwuoke, disclosed this to newsmen in Enugu on Tuesday.

Ugwuoke, who was elected barely a week ago, said that the volunteer health workers would assist in Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) and other specialised health facilities.

He noted that at times some specialised medical needs and operations, which demands a consultants or highly experienced doctors,  might not be available due to lack or limited manpower provision at PHC levels.

According to him, the NMA wants ensure redistribution of highly skilled medical manpower in the sector through the medical volunteer scheme.

“We will be collaborating with the Enugu State Primary Health Care Development Agency (ENS-PHCDA) as well as the state ministry of health to get this done.

“The volunteer medical workers will function in a streamlined manner to attend to manpower needs of PHC centres and other specilised health facilities in need of their services,” he said.

The chairman said that the move would help to reduce the health burden in rural areas as well as check the growing incidents of delayed and complicated health cases being referred to general and teaching hospitals.

He also said that the new executive would take the issue of welfare of doctors seriously especially as it concerned their regular monthly pay.

“NMA will wade into the current gross underpayment of doctors in some health establishments.

“We will be meeting with the various managements of the health establishments to see how we will ensure regular payment and check underpayment.

“Where there are glaring under funding issues in the establishments, we will brainstorm and find other alternative avenue to surge-up funding and ensure that doctors are well taken care of,” he said. (Flowerbudnews)