My administration acquired 20 capital ships to Navy — Buhari


President Mohammadu Buhari yesterday, disclosed that his administration engaged in recapitalisation of the Nigerian Navy fleet, with the acquisition of 20 capital ships, in eight years, towards the safety of the nation’s maritime domain.

To cap the end of his administration, he commissioned a newly acquired Nigerian Navy helicopter 410 manufactured in Italy and two capital ships at the Naval Dockyard, Victoria Island, Lagos, with a charge to the President-elect, Bola Tinubu to
sustain the current tempo of his administration by supporting the navy to effectively carry out its assigned tasks.

Speaking at the 2023 Presidential Fleet Review and Commissioning Ceremony of Nigerian Navy Ships and Helicopter, Buhari applauded the ability of the Navy to put the vessels into effective use, noting that it had recorded successes in the fight against resource theft, counter-drug operations and piracy.


In particular, he noted that ” piracy reduced significantly over the past seven years, which culminated in delisting Nigeria from the list of piracy-prone countries by the International Maritime Bureau in March 2022.


There is an inextricable link between maritime security and economic prosperity. This is considering that our maritime environment serves both as a storehouse of resources as well as a medium for maritime transport.

” Thus, the safe and secure utilisation of these resources for national prosperity in support of Nigeria’s Blue Economy aspirations is cardinal to the Nigerian Navy’s policing duties.

“Realising this, my administration vigorously engaged in the recapitalisation of the Nigerian Navy Fleet throughout my 8 years in office.

“Accordingly, about 20 capital ships have been acquired for the Nigerian Navy. These ships comprise Offshore Patrol Vessels, Landing Ship Transport, Hydrographic Survey Vessels, Seaward Defence Boats and Helicopters as well as over 300 Inshore Patrol Vessels and Assault Craft”.

He further commended the Navy for the detection and arrest of MT HEROIC IDUN, which attempted to load crude oil, offshore Bonny in August 2022, as well as its efforts in indigenous shipbuilding, which he described as a great pride to the country.


Our naval engineers were wholly responsible for building three Seaward Defence Boats namely :NNS ANDONI, NNS KARADUWA and NNS OJI.

“In December 2021, I performed keel laying foundation for the construction of two Seaward Defence Boats, which will be ready by 2024. At this rate, I have no doubt that the Nigerian Navy will soon commence construction of larger ships for itself and other navies in the region and beyond”.

Describing the theme of the 2023 Fleet review , ‘Fleet Readiness for National Prosperity” as carefully chosen to underscore response capability of the Nigerian Navy to infringements in the nation’s maritime spaces and in the Gulf of Guinea, he noted that the application of technology to secure the maritime domain had also supported intelligence driven deployment of these ships.

Charging the incoming to toe his administration’s line, Buhari said, ” I have no doubt that the incoming administration of President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu will sustain the current tempo of my administration in giving the Nigerian Navy necessary support to effectively carry out its assigned tasks”.

In his welcome address, Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo,
explained that the review was designed to mark the culmination of Buhari’s eight– year tenure in office, pointing
out that the Nigerian Navy enjoyed immense support in terms of fleet recapitalization, infrastructural development and personnel welfare , which boosted naval personnel’s morale and fighting efficiency, in Buhari’s tenure.

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