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Makinde solicits workers cooperation for improved public service


Makinde solicits workers cooperation for improved public service


By Adewale Owoade


Gov. Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, has solicited the continued support of workers in the state to improve the standard of civil and public service in the area.


Makinde stated this at the 2021 productivity and merit award ceremony, in Ibadan.


The governor who said that the selection of awardees for the 2021 productivity awards was based on merit, commended the workers for their dedication to duties.


“These awards are based on merit, it’s not about who you know, this is the Oyo State of our dream, where whatever we are entitled to, we get it, irrespective of our position.


“I want to specially thank you because a tree does not make a forest, I cannot do it alone, you gave us your support, so I want to specially on behalf of this administration, thank you for your support these past three years.


“Your impact may not be felt immediately, but we believe that with this continuous exercise we will create a new face for the civil and public service in Oyo State.


“I want to plead that we should focus on those things that bind us together, this administration, till last moment of our last day, we will do what is right for Oyo State.

Earlier, the Head of Service, Mrs Amidat Agboola, said Makinde’s passion for workers’ welfare encouraged harmonious relationship with civil servants and pensioners in the state.


According to Agboola, no governor has ever been magnanimous to the Civil/Public Servants like Makinde in the history of Oyo State.


“This administration places high premium on the welfare of workers, and is committed to exploring all avenues to improve our working conditions.


“In the history of Oyo State, no government has ever been this magnanimous to the civil and public servant


“We are thanking your excellency for ensuring there is sustenance of this programme against all odds, which does not only encourage workers to redouble their efforts in adding value to the system, but to also celebrate excellence and challenge the awardees to do more,” Agboola said.


While responding on behalf of the awardees, Emmanuel Akinpade, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, appreciated the governor for celebrating them.


“On behalf of other awardees, I want to appreciate our governor, for deeming it fit for civil servants who are worthy to be celebrated.

“Gone are the days when civil servants are no where to be found, but today we are being celebrated,” Akinpade said. (NAN)