Breaking: Kidnappers Return to Kuje (Abuja) Forests – Abduct Female Teacher, 10 Year Old Child In KIYI


By Flowerbudnews

KiYi (Kuje – Abuja) Flowerbudnews: Kidnappers, numbering about seven, raided KiYi village, in the Kuje Area Council of Abuja in the early hours of Monday, abducting a 30-year old female teacher and a 10-year old boy named Khalifa.

Flowerbudnews reports that the third person who was abducted by the kidnappers along with the duo, escaped miraculously in the outskirts of the village.

The incident has thrown the village into mourning as most residents of the agrarian settlement continued to troop to the residences of the victims in sympathy.

The husband of the kidnapped female teacher was shot and wounded on the leg by the kidnappers.

Flowerbudnews reports that both policemen and vigilante personnel had visited the residences and took necessary information about the incident and about the victims.

The victim, who managed to escape told Flowerbudnews that it was ”simply ALLAH, GOD Almighty that saved” him.

The kidnappers, whom he described as young boys, had tied his hands with one of them pulling him along when suddenly they saw a motorcyclist hurrying towards their location from the village.

The kidnappers with gun turned back to attack the fast approaching motorcyclist thinking it was the vigilantes.

”It was within that brief minutes that GOD made me to pounce on the young boy-kidnapper holding me and fought him and was able to seize the cutlass he was holding,”

”I then ran blindly back into the village shouting – kidnappers, kidnappers,”

He had bruises on his body from initial beating with thick sticks, lamenting over his swelling cheek, he disclosed that he was hit with but of the gun on the cheek by one of the kidnappers immediately he was captured from the ceiling of his house where he had gone to hide. (Flowerbudnews)