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Food for Thought: Humility turns even an Ordinary Person into an Angel.




Abuja: Once the River became very proud of the tremendous flow of its water.

The River felt that I am so powerful that I can wash away everything with me –
the mountains, houses, trees, animals, humans, etc.

One day the River proudly asked the Ocean,
“Tell me, what should I bring for you ? Houses, animals, humans, trees, whatever you want,
I can uproot and bring with me.”

The Ocean understood that the River has become egoistic.

He said to the River,
*If you want to bring something for me
*Uproot some Grass and bring it

The River said, “Is that all,
*I’ll bring it right away

While passing through the field, the River exerted its full force on the grass, but the Grass did not get uprooted.

The River tried several times, but failed.

Eventually the River gave up and reached the Ocean and said,

“I can uproot trees, houses, mountains etc.

But whenever I apply force to uproot the grass,
it bends down and I have to pass from above, empty-handed.”

The Ocean listened carefully to the River and said with a smile,

*Those who are hard and rigid like mountains and trees, are easily uprooted*

*But the one who has learned the humility of grass, cannot be disturbed even by the fiercest of winds or violent storms*

*Happiness in Life, does not mean fighting battles, but avoiding them*.

*And Humility turns even an Ordinary Person into an Angel*.

May ALLAH (subhanahu wa ta’aala) bless us with humility and safe us from arrogance. (Flowerbudnews)