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Breaking: Man Arrested with Fresh Human Head in Ede


By Biola Lawal

Ede (Osun State):  A man named Ismaila Adewuyi, has been arrested in Ede, Osun state, with fresh human head.

Flowerbudnews reports from Ede that Adewuyi, said to be in early thirties, was arrested by local hunters on night patrol who accosted him at the town’s main graveyard.

Reliable sources told Flowerbudnews that Adewuyi was caught after he had dug up the body of a freshly buried  lady and cut of her head.

Other Suspects Arrested

He had removed some other organs of the dead body which he packed in a plastic bag before he was arrested by the local hunters

The Reliable sources told Flowerbudnews that Adewuyi was overpowered by the hunters after he opened fire on them with a dane gun he carried.

The sources informed Flowerbudnews that he was eventually handed over to the police authorities in Ede for proper necessary investigation to unravel his accomplices and for  eventual prosecution.

Flowerbudnews learnt that some Some of his alleged accomplices have been arrested by the police, while his picture with the human head taken by the police authorities have gone viral on social media.

Ditto for photographs of some of his suspected accomplices already arrested by the police.

Flowerbudnews learnt that Adewuyi was a Vulganizer by profession, but began abandoning his shop at Sawmill Junction along Akoda Road Ede, raising suspicion about him from other shop owners.

Some residents of Ede who spoke with Flowerbudnews commended the police authorities for their”prompt and efficient investigation of the case which is already yielding positive results with the arrest of suspects”(Flowerbudnews)

More details will be published as events unfold with police investigations