Groups hail Prof. Madu of UNN for being ranked best researcher in Nigeria




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Enugu: The Leadership Entrepreneurship and Advocacy Network (LEAD Network Africa) and UN International Peace and Governance Council (UN-IPGC) have hailed Prof. Christian Madu of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) for being ranked best researcher in Nigeria.


The two pro-education organizations gave their separate commendation on Monday in Enugu while reacting to the feat that had brought Nigeria to the lime-light of academic excellence once again.


It would be called that the 2nd edition (2022) of’s best scientists ranking, established by means of a meticulous examination of 166,880 leading scholars (scientists) identified from various bibliometric data sources, in the area of Business and Management, was recently released. found Prof. Madu to be the “best and number one ranked research scholar in Nigeria” as well as ranked number 1157 in the World going with its Discipline H-index of 37.


Speaking, the Executive Director of LEAD Network Africa, Mr Chukwuma Okenwa, congratulated Prof. Madu of UNN for emerging at the top of the chart in Nigeria as a leading academia and seasoned researcher in Business and Management Science.


“I wish to congratulate Prof. Christian Madu of UNN for emerging at the top of the chart in Nigeria of the reputable international and meticulous ranking of


“I consider this a noble feat, given that the academic landscape of Nigeria is filled with great intellectuals,” he said.


According to him, however, the outstanding performance of Prof. Madu makes a case while the Nigerian government at all levels must invest in research.


Okenwa, who is one of the leading educationists in Enugu State, said: “It is disturbing to note that although Nigeria’s best in the Business and Management Science Category is ranked 1157 in the World.


“This obviously shows that Nigeria has a very long way to go as regards to securing a space amongst the top 10 nations in this category.


“As a global assessment platform, the competition is really less local and much of global, though the starting point is within Nigeria.”


He said that the government needed to take a look at how Prof. Madu was able to get this far despite all odds.


Okenwa urged government and stakeholders in education to double their efforts to encourage the emergence of Nigerians at the top radar across several categories on the global scale.


Reacting, Dr Chimbo Obieze, the UN-IPGC Special Envoy on Sustainable Peace Education to Anambra State, said that Prof. Madu had placed Nigeria in the lime-light and put UNN, as an institution, in the world map of reckoning.


Obieze said, “We appreciate Prof. Christian Madu for making the nation proud and standing out among the rest.


“This is a really powerful and exceptional achievement considering the daunting challenges to education and scholarship in the country.”


Prof. Christian Madu is a Professor of Environmental Management and Control in UNN.


Prof. Madu is currently the leading scholar and expert in the areas of Chemical Safety and Security Management, Sustainable Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Process Change and Quality Control among others. (Flowerbudnews)

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