Enugu Governorship: Isi-Uzo Youths protest against Edeoga candidacy, describes His over 25 years In Govt as ‘waste’



By Flowerbudnews
Enugu:  Youths from Isi-Uzo Local Government Area, the council area of the Labour Party governorship candidate in Enugu State, Chief Chijioke Edeoga, have led a protest to the streets of Enugu against their kinsman.


The protesting youths, that came out in their numbers on Thursday, said they want to tell Enugu voters that Edeoga who’s their brother doesn’t deserve to be elected as the Governor of the state because he lacks the capacity.


The youths also said that his over 25 years in government is a waste to them.

Speaking to newsmen, the leader of the group, Mr Nicholas Topman, from Ejona in Mbu-Amona community in Isi-Uzo local government, said Isi-Uzo youths had come to express their feelings as it relates to the upcoming governorship election in the state.


According to him, we have come to let the world know that a candidate who has not done anything for his people for the past 25 years should not be entrusted with another bigger position.


“It is visible to even the blind that the past 25-30 years have not translated into any meaningful thing in Isi-Uzo local government in terms of infrastructure. There’s no physical development to talk about.

“That is what we have come to demonstrate that we reject in its entirety, the candidate of Labour Party in the Saturday poll. He has no known track record of achievement.


“As concerned citizens, we have watched and would not want to fool the other 16 local government areas in Enugu State. We have vowed to support any other more credible candidate,” he said.

The leader of the group noted that he was the one of the pioneers of Ka Isi-Uzo Je, a popular political movement in Isi-Uzo council area.


“But a character like Edeoga was not what we had in mind then. Edeoga has not demonstrated any capacity and should not be allowed to ride on the wings of Peter Obi to become Governor,” he added.

Another speaker, who identified himself as Mr Odinaka Okechukwu, from Mgbuji (the same village with Edeoga), said he had been consistent in criticising the leadership of his community.


Okechukwu said that the security crisis that had bedevilled his community could be traced to leadership failure and “Edeoga is one of our leaders”.


He said: “If you cannot lead a community, how do you intend to lead an entire state?


“The only thing we benefited from Edeoga as a member of the House of Representatives is an uncompleted primary school building. There’s nothing, in human capacity development, he failed.

“How many people has he raised? None. The only name you hear from Mgbuji is his name and that of his family because he has failed the youths.


“None of the youths can boast of anything, courtesy of him. How can he build Enugu State when he could not build his community?”/Flowerbudnews

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