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Foundation gives financial assistance to 10 indigent patients of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu



By Flowerbudnews

Enugu: The Humane Succour for Friends Foundation, an NGO, has given financial assistance to 10 indigent patients of Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu.

The Foundation also donated a carton of noodles, beverages (milk, cocoa drink and sugar), a pack of biscuit and tissues to each of the 10 indigent patients.

Donating the items on Sunday at the hospital, the Team Leader of the Foundation, Rev. Sis. Frieda Okafor, noted that the foundation was out to give succour to “the forgotten, downtrodden and special indigents not reached by the society.”

Okafor said that the foundation, which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, had a directive from its US-based leader and lead-donor to provide for the neediest patients in the hospital.

“We are also here to interact with the hospital staff and management to also know areas of need that the foundation can assist the patients and the hospital better going forward.

“The foundation does not have all its needed resources now; but as we gather resources we will deploy them to the needed areas for effective impact especially on the patients’ welfare and well-being in the hospital,” she said.

Responding, Medical Director of the hospital, Prof. Monday Igwe, thanked the foundation for making the hospital its priority and breaking the jinx of people not coming around its patients as they do in visiting motherless babies’ homes and inmates of prisons.

Igwe noted that mental ill patients are given sound treatment in the hospital and they return to their normal lives, adding that the issue of stigma was still a big challenge to it well-treated and discharged patients.

“We appeal to wealthy individuals and groups to assisted the hospital and its patient in any way they can as we have lots of indigent patients to cater for even those abandoned by their families that we cannot discharging going by medical ethics.

“Our major challenges are that of daily feeding and bill payment of our teeming indigent patients that runs into several thousands.

“We have water supply challenge as our over two decade-old water tanker had broken down and we are not connected to public water. So daily, we buy several tankers of water to service the hospital and ensure enough water for all.

“Our power supply wage bill monthly (both electricity and diesel generating sets) is about N500,000 monthly.

“The hospital also needed to equip and strengthen its occupation therapy department to re-tool its patients with skills to survive economically after discharge from the hospital and to contribute meaningful to their communities and families,” he added.

One of the indigent patients and beneficiaries of the financial assistance, (name withheld), thanked the foundation for remembering the indigent patients at the hospital.

“We are grateful and thankful for the financial assistance and food items given to us. God Almighty will surely reward the foundation and members of the foundation as well,” he said. (Flowerbudnews)