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Enugu govt to impound, sanction any motorcycle rider found on roads within Enugu metropolis



By Flowerbudnews

The Enugu State Ministry of Transport says it will soon sanction any rider of motorcycle within Enugu metropolis as the law banning motorcycle usage in the metropolis is still operational.

Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Chief Ogbonna Idike, told newsmen on Sunday that the ministry would take decisive actions against violators as enshrined in the law banning motorcycle riding in the metropolis.

It would be recalled that the state government on July 3, 2012 signed a law banning motorcycle riding on the three council areas – Enugu North, Enugu South and Enugu East – that make up Enugu metropolis.

The ban on motorcycle riding was taken by the government to stem the tide of alarming insecurity and bodily injuries brought about by the riding of motorcycles within the metropolis then.

The ban was also to check the growing build up of traffic on most roads in the metropolis due to vehicular accidents caused by reckless and dangerous riding of motorcycles.

Idike said that the ministry had been monitoring the ugly trend of sighting one or two motorcycles on roads in the metropolis and would soon put a stop to it.

“We have observed the trend of spotting one or two motorcycles on roads within the metropolis recently.

“The ministry conducted an investigation and found out that it is usually personnel of military and para-military agencies that recently flout this age-long law banning motorcycles on roads within the metropolis.


“The ministry has officially written and communicated to the various commands and formations of military and para-military outfits within the state and for them to caution their personnel.

“However, very soon we will start arresting such riders and impounding their motorcycles indefinitely as stipulated by the law,” he assured.

The law prescribes one year imprisonment without any option of fine for violators. (Flowerbudnews)